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Color Run

Color Run 2023 FAQs

What is the Hopkinson Color Run?

The Color Run will be an amazing afternoon of fun for our Huskies, celebrating Wellness, Happiness and Individuality while helping raise funds for Hopkinson. The event will take place during the school day. Students will make their way through the course while listening to music and being blasted with colored cornstarch. Every dollar raised goes to supporting our new Husky Garden. What’s not to love?


What time is the student Color Run?

TK and K will run between 12:25 and 1:25pm and grades 1-5 will run between 1:30 and 2:25pm.


How do I register my student?

We encourage everyone to register online by clicking here you can register your student by filling out the form your received from school and turning them into the office before January 20.


What is included with my student’s registration?

Student registration starts at $25.00 and includes: Hopkinson Color Run T-shirt, one Opportunity Ticket, and sunglasses. There are additional levels as well as sponsorship opportunities. 


How do I get my child’s participant kit?

All kits will be distributed to your child’s class on Friday, February 3 so no one forgets their shirt at home. Students can change before the run begins. 


Does my child need to be a fast runner to do this?

Absolutely NOT! This is not an Olympic event, take your time and enjoy. The Color Run is a fun, color crazy day with friends. You can run, walk, crawl, skip or cartwheel if you wish!


Is the powder safe?

Yes! The powder is food grade quality, 100% non-toxic, completely biodegradable, made in the USA, colored cornstarch. As with any substance, students want to keep it out of their eyes and our “trained color throwers” (parent volunteers) will make sure to aim low as they pass by. Some color runners opt to wear glasses or goggles and use a bandana or dust mask to cover their mouths. Smiling parent volunteers will be placed along the course and their main goal is to douse your student in colorful powder (using a squirt bottle) to ensure your student looks like they ran through a rainbow by the time they cross the finish line.


What if my child wants to participate but doesn’t want color?

No problem! Kids can opt out of the color stations if they want. 


What should my student wear to the Color Run?

We recommend they wear running shoes and the white Color Run t-shirt received with registration kit and other white items you don’t mind getting colorful.


Will the color run ruin clothes or running shoes?

The color does mostly wash out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. We strongly suggest you wash these items separately.


Will you have cleaning stations at the finish line?

With a good wipe down you aren’t 100% clean, but I’m sure your parents have seen worse. Think of the awesome pictures and enjoy the mess. But, just in case, we will offer baby wipes at the finish line.


How does the color affect the inside of cars?

It’s a good idea to bring a towel to sit on but since the color is a powder substance it wipes off very easy. You can pack a change of clothes just in case but as long as you dust your student off, the powder isn’t messy.


This sounds like fun. Do you need parent volunteers?

Yes! Parent volunteers are needed to squirt color on the runners as well as some prep work in advance. Please contact Melissa Newman –


How to be an Awesome Color Runner

  1. Dress the part and wear white. The more white you wear the more color you’ll see on your clothes. All signups include a white shirt. Be mindful of the shoes your kids wear that day as they might get dirty. 

  2. Bring a towel. Volunteers will have baby wipes at the end but a towel could be helpful too if you are worried about getting powder in your car.

  3. Run with your grade. This race is about making memories, having fun and celebrating Wellness, Happiness and Individuality. The finish line is a party – dance, laugh, sing and enjoy yourself!

  4. Make the memories last. After the run, spray your colorful clothing with vinegar until soaking wet. Dry in the sun, tumble dry in the dryer and bingo! - you have a cool souvenir.

  5. HAVE FUN!!

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